Debunking 5 Popular Heating Oil Myths

Debunking 5 Popular Heating Oil Myths

Popular Heating Oil Myths Debunked by Industry Experts

Bucks County Heating Oil Popular Heating Oil Myths DebunkedAmerican homeowners have been using heating oil for warmth for well over 100 years, yet there are still so many myths & misconceptions surrounding this vital source of energy. Bucks County Heating Oil is here to debunk some of the popular heating oil myths floating around the internet. As industry experts with over 10 years of experience handling & delivering heating oil to residents in Bucks County, PA, we’re well equipped to bust these myths.

5 Common Heating Oil Myths – Debunked

1. Heating Oil is bad for the Environment.

Reality: Fuel oil is actually a very environmentally clean option for heating your home. It burns about 90% clean with very few emissions and is biodegradable. Further, emissions from oil heat are not regulated by the Clean Air Act, because it is almost soot free.

2. Highly Flammable & Unsafe.

Reality: Many people are under the misconception that heating oil could cause a fire in the home, but that is completely false. Heating oil cannot burn until it reaches temperatures of 140 degrees. Unlike natural gas & gasoline, which are highly flammable, heating oil cannot ignite at room temperature.

3. Heating Oil is Expensive.

Reality: Although prices do rise and fall depending on the market, it is still one of the relatively cheaper options for home heating. Another factor that saves you money when purchasing heating oil is the time of the year, so make sure you know the best time to buy oil. Bucks County Heating Oil also highlighted 10 tips to reduce heating oil costs.

4. Home Heating Oil is imported from the Middle East.

Reality: Of all the heating oil we use in the United States, 1/3 of that is produced on our own soil. Canada produces the vast majority of the remaining percentage and actually makes more oil for the US than all of the Middle Eastern countries together.

5. Supplies are running out.

Reality: While one could make the argument that there is a limit to how much heating oil we discover there seems to be no end in sight with new oil deposits being discovered daily.

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Don’t let anyone use falsities to tell you otherwise, there are many benefits to owning and living in a home that uses heating oil! Call Bucks County Heating Oil today at 267-812-5832 to purchase heating oil or you can buy directly online from our safe & secure website.

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