How much Heating Oil will I use this winter?

How much Heating Oil will I use this winter?

Estimating Heating Oil Use this Winter

Bucks County Heating Oil Estimate Heating Oil Use WinterThere are many factors that contribute to your home’s heating oil use during the late fall through winter seasons. With more and more families working within a tight budget, especially with the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll want to have a good idea of the amount of money you’ll be spending on home heating fuel. This article will help homeowner’s evaluate the amount of heating oil use by taking into consideration the size of your house, how well it is insulated, size of the fuel tank and the weather. For reliable discount heating fuel delivery in Bucks County, PA, call us today at 267-812-5832!

Determining the Amount of Heating Oil Use

The size of your home and how long the furnace is running are the two biggest factors to the amount of fuel oil you’ll go through during the colder months. A one or two bedroom home uses a 300 gallon tank or less, while larger three or four bedroom homes need a larger 500 gallon tank. The average home in Pennsylvania uses 4.9 gallons of heat daily when temperatures are between 30 – 35 degrees. At that rate, a 275 gallon delivery of oil will last about 56 days. With the cold months stretching from mid-October to early April, you will probably need to fill your tank at least three times.Bucks County Heating Oil Determine Winter Heating Oil Use

Order Home Fuel Oil Today

If you happen to order too much oil, it will keep until the next winter season as long as you properly winterize the tank. When purchasing home heating oil it is important to choose a reliable company to ensure you are not only getting a fair price, but quality fuel. While Bucks County Heating Oil does our best to keep our prices low all year, check out some tips on when is the best time of year to buy home oil. Ordering in the down months of September and April, planning ahead and making sure your tank is never empty are just a few ways to continuously save on the cost of heating your home.

Bucks County Heating Oil makes it easy to purchase fuel to heat your home no matter what time of the year. During peak season in the cold months, you can buy heating oil online directly through our website. Off-season deliveries can be purchased by calling our office in Croydon, PA at 267-812-5832.

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