How to Choose a Fuel Oil Company

How to Choose a Fuel Oil Company

Fuel Oil Company in Bucks County PA

With winter knocking on our doors and the weather already changing it is time to start thinking about filling your home’s heating oil tank. The company you trust to fill your tank several times each season is very important. While it is a good idea to factor cost into the equation, that should not be your only consideration when choosing a Bucks County PA Fuel Oil Company. Bucks County Heating Oil has highlighted four tips to choosing the best fuel oil delivery company. By the time you’ve read through our list, we know you’ll feel much more confident with your home heating oil decision this winter and beyond.

Tips to Choosing the Right Heating Fuel Supplier

Bucks County Heating Oil Bucks County PA Fuel Oil CompanyCheck if a contract is required: A binding contract is a huge inconvenience for a homeowner or small business owner who only needs to fill their tank a few times per year. If a heating oil delivery company makes you sign a 2 year contract agreement a lot can happen in that period of time. The supplier can raise their rates, the quality of the oil can decline or they can begin charging you extra fees. Bucks County Heating Oil never makes our customers sign a commitment contract. We’re confident in our prices, customer service and oil quality that our customers choose us once and continue to call us for oil delivery year after year.

Ask if there are additional fees: Many oil companies clearly state and are upfront about the cost of heating fuel per gallon. However, this is not always an indication of the price you’ll pay when they show up to deliver. Potential hidden costs include delivery fees, convenience fees and even labor cost. Bucks County Heating Oil never charges additional or hidden fees. Even if the price per gallon goes up before we deliver, you’ll pay the price promised at the time of purchase – guaranteed.

Compare prices: Compile a list of all of the heating suppliers that deliver to your area and see how they match up (including hidden fees). We’re confident you’ll find we have the lowest pricesBucks County Heating Oil Affordable Fuel Oil Company for the highest quality home heating oil in Bucks County, PA. In order to offer our customers the lowest possible price, we purchase fuel at the most favorable times of the year and safely store it for when you need it most.

Consider delivery time: You’ve done your due diligence to compare prices, fees, contract requirements and reputation, now what’s most important is when you’re going to get your heating oil delivery. Many times, we can deliver the same day or within 24 hours of purchase, while other companies make at least a 48 hours turnaround time. Bucks County Heating Oil will never leave you in the cold!

Bucks County Fuel Oil Delivery Company

Bucks County Heating Oil Fuel Oil Delivery CompanyWhile there are many factors to consider when it comes to your heating oil delivery company, we feel the above are some of the most important. At Bucks County Heating Oil we pride ourselves on our competitive prices, quick (fee-free) delivery and customer service. For over 18 years, residents and business owners in Bucks County, PA have trusted us to deliver their heating fuel and keep their families warm. Easily buy heating oil from our reputable company online or by calling 267-812-5832.

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