How to Tell if You have an Empty Heating Oil Tank

How to Tell if You have an Empty Heating Oil Tank

Telltale Signs of an Empty Heating Oil Tank

Bucks County Heating Oil Signs of Empty Heating Oil TankYou’re already aware of the many benefits of using heating oil, including the fact that it heats more efficiently than home’s that run on gas. However, it does have one inconvenient drawback: the constant need to be refilled. While we’ve highlighted the reasons your tank should always remain full, sometimes life gets in the way and you simply forget. If you haven’t ordered heating oil in several months, be aware of these signs below which indicate you have an empty heating oil tank.

6 Signs your Heating Oil Tank is Empty

Heater Suddenly Shuts Off

Many homeowners keep their heat turned on during the colder months with their thermostat set at their ideal temperature. If you notice your home is beginning to drop in temperature and your oil tank gauge is on “0” or “E” than you definitely have an empty heating oil tank.

Oil Tank Gauge Less than “1/4”

Running your heat with very low levels of oil can cause great harm to your entire heating system. Sludge and build up can enter the supply line and end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. You should regularly inspect the gauge or measure the fuel to ensure the levels are above a quarter of a tank.

Your Home is Cold

The most obvious sign that you are dealing with an empty heating oil tank is that your home is well below the temperature your thermostat is set to. Of course, this could be for one of two reasons.

  1. The oil tank is almost or completely empty
  2. Sludge may be blocking the oil supply line

Reset Button is Tripped

In order to prevent damage to your home’s heating system many furnaces & boilers have a reset button to monitor the flame. If the flame goes out the reset button automatically trips to turn off the system. The most common reason for this is low levels of heating oil. You can try to reset the heater to see if it will fire up. If not, then your oil tank is empty and you will need an oil delivery right away.

Weird Smells

The smell of diesel fuel in your home is likely due to a spray nozzle clogged with sludge, because of very low levels of heating oil.

Loud Banging Noise

When your heater starts making banging or very loud roaring noises it is time to schedule an oil delivery right away. These noises are the result of air, rather than oil, being pulled through the fuel line.

Same Day Oil Delivery in Bucks County, PA

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, call Bucks County Heating Oil at 267-812-5832 for a same-day or next-day home heating oil delivery.

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