How to Prepare for an Oil Delivery

How to Prepare for an Oil Delivery

How to Prepare for Oil Delivery Service

Oil Delivery Service Bucks County PAIt’s that time of the year when oil delivery service ramps up. Buying oil is the easy part, especially with the Bucks County Heating Oil online ordering process. But there are several things homeowners and business owners must do to prepare for an easy delivery service. Reading, understanding and following our oil delivery preparation tips will not only ensure the transaction is seamless, but it also ensures the safety of our drivers. Learn from the experts the best way to prepare your Bucks County, PA home or office for home heating oil delivery.

Heating Oil Delivery Preparation Tips

Shovel Snow & Ice: This seems like an obvious tip, but it is the one our drivers encounter the most. They arrive for a heating oil delivery, but no footpath has been shoveled, cleared or salted for them. If ice and snow are blocking the path to your oil tank, our drivers could potentially slip, fall and hurt themselves.

Make your House Number Visible: Our delivery trucks are quite large and sometimes hard to maneuver and turn around in the narrow streets of the Philadelphia suburbs. It is important that your house number is clearly displayed so our drivers can find your home easily.Bucks County Heating Oil Oil Delivery Services PA

Clear your Driveway: Many times your oil tank is located in the back of your home and we’ll need to use the driveway to access the tank easily. Please prepare for our drivers arrival by parking cars on the street and ensuring the driveway is clear of any snow or ice.

Oil Tank is Accessible: At Bucks County Heating Oil we want to make the delivery processes as seamless as possible. Make sure any gates are open or unlocked so the driver can easily access the fuel inlet. If you have a dog, please make sure they are safely secure inside your home until the delivery is complete.

Remove Debris. The driver will need as much open space as possible to carry all necessary equipment and easily fill your oil tank. Be sure to clear rocks, branches, obstructions and other debris from the inlet area. Branches and bushes should also be trimmed.

Bucks County Heating Oil Delivery Preparation TipsHeating Oil in Bucks County PA

Bucks County Heating Oil appreciates you taking the time to go through this list and ensure your home or office is well prepared for a discount fuel delivery service. Following these preparation guidelines ensures the safety of our drives and allows for a seamless delivery process. You can buy heating oil online and set up your delivery date easily. If you have any questions, please call us at 267-812-5832.

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