Oil Tank Winterization Tips to Follow

Oil Tank Winterization Tips to Follow

Oil Tank Winterization: Tips Homeowners Should Know

Bucks County Heating Oil Helpful Oil Tank Winterization TipsThere are many ways in which you need to prepare your home for the upcoming winter season. From a roof inspection to gutter cleaning, HVAC filter replacement, chimney inspection, insulation replacement and more, a responsible homeowner should never forget about oil tank winterization. In order to keep your home heated and comfortable all winter long, your fuel tank must be properly winterized and inspected before the start of the season. While Bucks County Heating Oil does not perform oil tank winterization inspections, we have highlighted 7 tips to follow to ensure your tank functions properly throughout the winter season.

7 Oil Tank Winterization Tips

Professional Tank Inspection: First and foremost, your oil tank must be inspected, especially if you haven’t had it looked at or serviced in over one year. A professional inspector will look for leaks, floods, clogged filters, low fuel levels and more. During the examination, be sure to have them clean the tank as well.

Examine the Gauges: In order to know exactly how much fuel is in the tank all of the gauges must be properly working. Broken gauges could lead to you running out of home heating oil without you knowing. During your oil tank winterization inspection, check for cracks, loose fittings and inaccurate measurements.Bucks County Heating Oil Tips Homeowners Oil Tank Winterization

Remove Water: Even a small amount of water inside the oil tank can lead to corrosion and ultimately a leak. If you have water inside your fuel tank it is probably a result of low fuel levels, ill-fitting caps or clogged filters.

Change Filters: Tank filters ensure the heating oil runs cleanly into your heating system. Make sure to change the filter in the beginning of the season and halfway through winter to ensure maximum efficiency.

Prevent Gelling: Take a few precautionary measures to ensure your fuel oil does not freeze, gel and clog your heating system. Adding anti-gel fuel additives, move the filter inside and wrap the pipes are just a few ways to prevent gelling.

Check for Leaks: Leak tests are the most important and should be performed by a professional inspector. The most common tests include low-pressure testing, soil testing and ultrasound testing to prevent and fix any leak issues.

Bucks County Heating Oil Professional Oil Tank Winterization TipsFill your Tank: You want to make sure that your home heating oil tank is full throughout the off seasons (spring and summer). A full oil tank ensure you’re well-prepared in the event a sudden drop in temperature, but it is also beneficial to your tank and should not be ignored when doing your annual oil tank winterization. A full heating oil tank prevents condensation and water buildup, reduces fill cost when in-season prices spike and reduces change of gelling.

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