Spring Heating Oil Maintenance Tips

Spring Heating Oil Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips for your Home Heating Oil System

When the weather finally starts to warm up we’re all itching to turn off our heating system and forget about it until fall. But before you switch into summer mode completely, remember your heating system has just gone through a very hard winter and needs one last bit of attention until next year. The Bucks County Heating Oil team wants you to know the importance of caring for your heating system all year long, not just when you need it running. While we do not perform the maintenance tasks you’ll find highlighted below, we thought it was important to compile a few springtime home heating oil system tips for our customers.

Bucks County Heating Oil Heating Oil System Maintenance TipsTip #1, Keep your tank full: If a heating oil tank isn’t filled to the proper levels, condensation will develop, especially in the summer when air is more humid. The water buildup created by the condensation will lead to sludge forming in the tank. When you go to turn on your heating system again, the sludge will cause problems and prevent your system from running at 100%. Bucks County Heating Oil recommends you keep your tank full all year long – take advantage of our off-season discount home heating oil prices.

Tip #2, Seal Caps Tightly: Checking your heating oil tank’s fill caps and vent caps every so often prevents air and/or debris from entering the tank. Debris and air will cause the sludge buildup mentioned in tip #1. Checking the caps will also prevent spills that could cause damage to your yard or water table.

Tip #3, Check Insulation: If your system didn’t seem to be heating your home efficiently last winter, now is the perfect time to check and upgrade any poor insulation.

Tip #4, Invest in Maintenance Service: Although we do not perform maintenance services, we highly recommend finding a reputable company to inspect your heating oil tank. Regular maintenance checks ensure your home heating oil system performs at its peak this winter.

Home Heating Oil Maintenance Tips: Spring

Always make sure to check the Bucks County Heating Oil website for latest, up-to-date home heating oil prices. Schedule your heating oil delivery early to beat the rush and make sure you’re stocked up to last the season. Bucks County Heating Oil delivers heating oil to Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA; click here to see our discount home heating oil service areas by zip code. Call 267-812-5832 for more information, questions and to schedule your delivery.

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