Top 10 Tips to Reduce Heating Oil Costs

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Heating Oil Costs

Bucks County Heating Oil Reduce Heating Oil CostsAs the cold weather fast approaches again, it is time to start thinking about filling your oil tank and the home heating oil costs associated with this common homeowner features. While unavoidable, there are several clever ways you can reduce heating oil delivery costs this winter. Through conservation, smart choices and a little common sense, not only can you save yourself some money on your heating oil, but you can help the environment as well. Read below Bucks County Heating Oil’s 10 tips to reduce heating oil expenses.

Best Tips to Lower Heating Oil Costs

Never Let Your Tank Run Empty: One of the easiest ways to reduce heating oil costs is to make sure your fuel tank does run empty before refilling it. Low fuel level is dangerous to your tank, because sludge and debris can get sucked into the system.

Order More Than the Minimum Requirement: When ordering your next refill, it is smart to order the amount of fuel you think you’ll need (long-term), rather than the minimum order size (short-term).

Avoid Fuel Delivery on Weekends or Holidays: Fuel prices fluctuate daily. Avoid a spike on holidays or weekends by ordering your fuel in advance.

Learn to Read your Fuel Gauge: There is a clear cylinder next to your fuel tank which determines your fuel supply. It is important to know and understand your fuel gauge reading to avoid running out of oil in the middle of the night. 

Get your Home Winterized: Before winter arrives, it is a good idea to insulate your doors, windows, pipes, exterior walls, attic and basement to prevent warm air from escaping.Bucks County Heating Oil Tips to Lower Heating Oil Costs

Natural Heat Options: Open your curtains during the day and let the sunlight in.

Buy in the Off-Season: Order your first refill 4-6 weeks before the season begins to avoid paying more for the same amount of fuel. This also helps to identify heating system failures and fix them before you need to turn your heat on.

Seal Drafts: If you feel the cold winter breeze leaking in through your windows or doors, you’re wasting energy, heat and money. Re-caulk these edges to ensure tight seals.

Set Ceiling Fans Clockwise: Set your ceiling fans on low and spinning clockwise to push heat down.

Check the Age of your Heating Tank: If your tank is more than 20 years old it may be time to consider an upgrade. Newer models deliver more energy-efficient heating and cost less over time.

Bucks County Heating Oil Tips to Lower Heating Oil Cost

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Bucks County Heating Oil delivers home heating oil to homes and commercial properties throughout Central Bucks, Lower Bucks and parts of Montgomery County, PA. Call 267-812-5832 or order your fuel online.

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